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Getting an online store is as simple as SHOP FX

Shop FX is the best way to get your products online quicky with our customisable turn-key solution

Shop FX can be a stand-alone e-commerce website or we can integrate a shop into your existing WordPress website.

Customised solutions for every business

We understand that not every business needs thousands of products online so your online store can grow with you. Three plans are available starting with Venture, Business and Unlimited.

Ballan Local Butcher
Gordon Hat & Boot Shoppes
Red Fish Art

Find the right plan for your business

Find the right plan for your business

Select your plan and pay online

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*This is for the monthly ShopFX subscription and excludes the initial setup and integration costs. To cancel your subscription please contact GenesisFX.

No website

No Website? No Problem!

Getting a website can be daunting; we are told every business needs one but what is right for you and where to start can be a steep learning curve.

This fact sheet is designed to clear up some commonly used terms and to give you a plan-of-attack.

We hope it will be a guide that will demystify what can be a confusing process, but doesn’t need to be.