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Getting a website can be daunting; we’re told every business needs one, but what is right for you and where to start can be a steep learning curve.

Budget, outcomes and expectations are on the top of our list in our initial, free consultation. So, whether you want an online store or need to showcase your business online – from domain names to SSL certificates and hosting we have you covered.

Click the button below to book a free consultation, or read further to see examples of our work, check out our SHOP FX online store solution or get help with our New Website Checklist. We have also put together a comprehensive

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Just an FYI

We have put together some information below to help you get started. We have included a new website checklist, information on domain names and our own terms and conditions.

Your New Website Checklist

Your Domain Name

The first thing you need to do before anything else is to get a domain name. This is the name you want to give to your website; for example, “”. To get a domain name, you have to pay an annual fee to a registrar for the right to use that name ( domains are paid every two years). Getting a name does not get you a website. It’s just a name which acts as a signpost to your website. It’s similar to registering a business name.


  • To find a domain name go to – it’s free to search
  • If you want an Australian domain name ( you must have an ABN number
  • Make sure your domain name is easy to spell and that it describes what you do
  • Your domain name should be simple, obvious, memorable and be as short as possible
  • If your domain name was not registered through domainsNOW we will need access to your provider account.
  • Website Hosting
  • Web hosting is where your website actually sits, on a computer, in a data centre and where it is available on the Internet 24 hours a day. There is a yearly charge for your website hosting which can be paid annually or by monthly instalments. Hosting is like renting virtual office space. Our hosting includes a number of services:
  • Unlimited hosting for your website so that you are not charged more when you get more traffic
  • Unlimited business email accounts branded to you e.g.
  • Access to our webmail remote email service when you are on other computers or mobile devices
  • Automatic website backups on-site at our secure data centre and offsite with our web security provider – Server Surgeon
  • Access to your website CMS (Content Management System) so you can easily update your website yourself using our cloud based software. We provide complete training in the use of our CMS
  • We offer ongoing support via phone, email and live TeamViewer sessions and Skype

How to put together your content

The first step in putting together content for your website is to ask yourself a few questions:


  • What do your customers and website visitors want?
  • What are the five top questions you are asked relating to your business? Could they be answered on your website?
  • How can you engage your website visitors? eg. Relevant articles, embedded video
  • What is your call to action? What do you want your customers to do when they visit your website?

Planning your Website Menu (Sitemap)

When planning your new website a menu list (or site map) is part of the planning process. Your website menu is also a way for you to guide your visitors in the direction you want to take them.  Common menu pages include:

  • Home
  • About  |  Who Are We?
  • Services  |  What We Do
  • Products
  • Gallery
  • FAQs
  • Contact

Our websites allow for multiple menu levels. This means you can easily break down your pages into parent pages and two levels of sub-pages (these form part of a drop-down menu). In the example below the top level menu is Special Projects, under that heading are two sub pages – AO Radio and NBN Digital Hub.

Visual Engagement – Pictures & Videos

Most people are motivated by visuals, so planning the look of your website is very important. Colours, pictures and videos can make your website more friendly and engaging.

If you have a business logo and brand colours using these on your website will ensure consistency and help customers to easily recognize your business.

  • Providing your own images – Supplied images need to be high quality and look professional.
  • Stock photography – Is readily available if you don’t have your own images.
  • All images you see on the internet are subject to copyright – It is not ok to simply download pictures you find on other websites or by using Google image search. If you find an image you like the look of you must first contact the site owner and seek permission to reproduce that image on your website (this may involve a charge).
  • Videos – Are now easier than ever to add to your website and they are a quick way to engage your site visitors. Using our Presence Builder it’s easy to embed YouTube, Vimeo and other video content into pages on your website.

Keywords & SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of making your website visible to search engines like Google. Search engines look at your website differently than general visitors, so we build your website with this in mind.

An important part of this process is for you to supply us with keywords for your business. Keywords are the search terms people are likely to type into a search engine to find your website. This may include your business name, the services you provide, specific questions relating to those services, and the geographical location of your service area.


What we’ll need from you

  • Domain name details
  • Menu & page ideas (see ‘Planning your Website Menu’)
  • Content ideas for your website (see ‘How to put together your content’)
  • Your logo / brand colours
  • Images / video links
  • Keyword ideas

If you want to search for domain names just visit the following link:


Costs Involved

  • Domain name registration
  • Business Hosting PLUS 
  • Website design and account setup
  • Unlimited email account @ your domain (included)
  • Phone and email support (included with your hosting) 
  • SSL Certificate (included with your website)


Additional Costs

  • Pages – the size of a website can vary greatly so we cost out the number of pages we create for you, excluding the home page which is included in the setup cost. 
  • Email set up – included in the set up cost is setting up access to your new email address one 1 device.
  • Copywriting/Content – if you would like to create new content or change your current content, we can assist with providing keyword-rich content for your web pages, in consultation with you, to inform potential customers about services provided while also optimizing the site for Google and other search engines.
  • Photography/Drone/Video – we can arrange to take photos, including aerials and video as well if needed.
  • Graphic Design – we can also create a new logo for you, help you with branding or assistance with specific design services.
  • eCommerce – an online store is an additional option if you want to sell products through your website.

Getting a Domain Name

Getting a domain name is the first step to getting your website online.

There are many different sorts of domain names, but the one most commonly used by Australian businesses are (dot com, dot au) domains. 

The best domains should be easy to spell, not too long and if possible should describe what your business does. For example one of our clients designs and makes custom headwear called fascinators. Her business is ‘Cailin Alinn’, but her website name is


Below is a list of domain extensions and some explanations about how they are used:

AUSTRALIAN DOMAIN – ABN/ACN/Registered Business Number or Australian Trademark Number required.
Domain Name must be an exact match, acronym or abbreviation of the name of the registrant’s company or trading name, organization or association name or trademark, OR, be closely and substantially connected to the registrant.

GLOBAL DOMAIN – This is an open domain space, there are no requirements to own one.
AUSTRALIAN DOMAIN – ABN/ACN/Registered Business Number or Australian Trademark Number required.
Domain Name must be an exact match, acronym or abbreviation of the name of the registrant’s company or trading name, organization or association name or trademark, OR, be closely and substantially connected to the registrant.
AUSTRALIA (NON COMMERCIAL ORGANISATIONS) – Domain Names are for non-commercial organisations, including:
An incorporated association; political party registered with the Australian Electoral Commission; trade union or other organisation registered under the Workplace Relations Act 1996; a sporting or special interest club operating in Australia; or a charity operating in Australia. Domain Name must be an exact match, acronym or abbreviation of the name of the registrant’s company or trading name, organization or association name or trademark, OR, be closely and substantially connected to the registrant.


More domain name tips

Why should I register a domain name?

Registering a domain name is your first step to your company’s online presence!

There are many reasons why companies register domain names.

Some companies are keen to register a name and build a web site straight away, others just to have a professional email address that represents them on the Internet.

Companies may also register a name and keep it for future use, or to protect Brands/Trademarks.


Which domain name should I register?

To gain the best advantage on the Internet you should consider registering your company name as well as any abbreviations. Abbreviations are very important if you have a long business name.

A three letter Domain name like is far easier to remember than a long domain name.

It helps when customers want to visit or revisit your site for you to have a short, easy to remember domain name.


I am an Australian business owner. Should I register a, or .com domain name?

A name is certainly the flagship of Australian domain names. It is well recognised by Australian consumers, who instantly identify that companies bearing the suffix are Australian Companies and have passed the eligibility to hold a domain name.

Registering a domain name can also help with your marketing efforts. It can be an excellent choice if the or .com name you want is registered by another company.

The .com suffix is certainly one of the most recognised suffixes in the world. If your business wants to trade and compete on a world scale then a .com name will help brand you as an international organisation.

Many businesses choose to register all three (, and .com) to protect their trademark or to assist in their on-line and off-line marketing efforts.

If for example you own and but the main website you have is, users could find your web site at all three of these addresses.


Terms & Conditions

So, why have Terms & Conditions?

Yes, it’s legal jargon but it also lets you know we take a professional approach to dealing with our clients. All Genesis FX & WebsitesNOW hosting services are subject to our Terms & Conditions.

We have tried to spell out exactly what you are getting yourself into so you can make an informed decision. Please take the time to look over these Terms & Conditions and if you are unsure or have any questions we would be happy to clarify exactly what they mean.  

The payment of hosting services implies acceptance of our Terms & Conditions